Collagen and Women’s Health

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Collagen Can Support Women Pre, In and Post Menopause

I am contacted by many people each month asking for advice, for more information on the collagen, recipe questions, and specific questions about how my collagen can help them. More than half of my customers are women, many of them perimenopausal, menopausal or postmenopausal, and have questions on how collagen might help with the symptoms they are experiencing. In 2009, October was designated as World Menopause Awareness Month, so this has been top of mind for me.

I am not a doctor and recommend that people talk to their doctor before adding or changing anything in their diet or supplement intake, but when people ask me challenging questions I research, ask others, and try to share the information and experiences that they share with me.

As a man, I have no personal experience of what this feels like, but am empathetic when I hear about a variety of symptoms, with each women’s experience being somewhat unique. With symptoms ranging from nights sweats and hot flashes, mood swings, decreased libido, vaginal dryness, headaches and more, it is clear why women are willing to try a lot of things to help them reduce the symptoms of menopause, and feel better.

I have been receiving positive messages from women pre-, in- or post- menopause that are using my just björn collagen, including my wife, and they have shared that just björn collagen has helped them in a range of areas:

  • Skin dryness and itchiness — estrogen is linked to collagen production, and it also hydrates the skin. Decline in estrogen can cause dryness and itchiness. Supplementing with collagen has been proven to reduce skin dryness.
  • Digestive problems — decreasing amounts of estrogen and progesterone can slow down the processing of food through the gastrointestinal system often causing constipation, increased gas, and bloating. Collagen can support the microbiome, nourish the gut lining, and therefore help improve bowel movements and other gut symptoms like gas and bloating.
  • Joint pain — collagen is all about amino acids. Our collagen has 20 different amino acids and contains 8 of 9 essential amino acids. Many of them are good for joints as well as cartilage formation.
  • Muscle aches — the amino acid Leucine is an essential amino acid widely considered key for muscle growth and muscle repair.
  • Brittle nails — our collagen contains various amino acids that are essential for nail growth, in particular Arginine and Proline.
  • Thinning hair — Cysteine, a non-essential amino acid can help reverse hair loss as it transports two essential minerals (iron and zinc) that are vital nutrients for hair regrowth.

Of all of the feedback I receive from my customers, most of them report an improvement in their joints after they have been taking the product every day for 6 weeks+, more moisture in their skin, their hair becoming thicker , and as one customer told me “a lot less hair in the shower drain.” And last, but not least, faster growing, and stronger nails.

For all women out there with mild to serious symptoms of menopause, this is a time of change and hormonal imbalance that can make many women feel like strangers in their own bodies. What I have learned from my wife’s menopause, echoes with what I am trying to recommend here at — eat healthy balanced meals, exercise regularly, practice mindfulness, and get a good night’s sleep. But, if you are experiencing skin dryness, muscle aches, thinning hair and brittle nails and other symptoms commonly associated with menopause, I encourage you to try just björn collagen. It might help you with these issues as well as sore joints and in combination with weightlifting it might help you in reducing the risk of osteoporosis.

If you decide to try my collagen I would love to hear from you. Send me a note, a question or comment at

I hope you feel good and enjoy the best of health and happiness.😊