Purpose with Principles

Icelandic landscape: snowy mountains, blue sea, and green meadow with yellow flowers

Why just björn is a public benefit corporation

We founded just björn as a public benefit corporation because we care deeply about your wellbeing and want to ensure that everything we do is beneficial to you and society at large. A benefit corporation is by law committed to higher standards of purpose, accountability and transparency. These values guide our goals—to care deeply about the welfare of our employees, to make a positive impact on the community and the environment, and to focus on education and equality.

Our purpose is simple, we exist to help you b your best!

This can achieved when we behave responsibly and sustainably because people can only thrive if our planet does. We are proud of the fact that our wild marine collagen is from pristine nordic waters, a circular product that once was considered waste is now delivering value and wellbeing to you. We are a Nordic nutrition company and as such the principles of sustainability are simply part of our DNA. We opted to include a ceramic jar in our starter kit to avoid the use of plastic containers that are all too common in our space.

Our products only contain healthy and nutritious ingredients but unfortunately, nutrient-rich products not always accessible to everyone. This is deeply disappointing to us, so we are committing 1% of our profits to support the wellbeing of those in need. We hold ourselves and our stakeholders to high standards and believe that companies that embrace equality and inclusion are not only better businesses, but better for the world. We consciously chose a majority female board and strive to do do business with women and minority owned suppliers and partners. 

Being a benefit corporation means that we are and always will be committed to our mission. We will remain transparent in our quest to help you b your best and how we can do our small part in helping the world be better because we are in it.